The Morning Buzz

2 Jun

Mornings are very crazy in our house. Between Mike (formerly known as Lovebug) and I showering, ironing, eating, feeding Mooch and fish without colliding into each other, it is a wonder how I make it out of the house. I’m usually the first riser even though I am not a real person until 10am. Since we brought the hive to brooklyn, I go check on it every morning. Even though it is unlikely that any skunks or bears would have eaten the girls over night since apparently there aren’t any in Brooklyn, I still need to make sure. The truth is, I really enjoy watching the early morning comings and goings. Most mornings I run into Billie Jean and her tennis ball and Queen Ma reading on the deck.

Our neighbor, Billie Jean

My main reason for visiting in the mornings is to make sure that the bees have water. Bees need at least a quart of water a day! They use it to add to honey to dilute it and feed to larva, and to cool the hive. Since it has started to heat up in Brooklyn, I have been diligently filling the birdbath in the garden.

There are some rocks in it so that the bees can land on them and not drown. I haven’t seen any of the girls in the birdbath yet so I am hoping they haven’t decided to get their water from a neighbors yard.


2 Responses to “The Morning Buzz”

  1. Mike June 2, 2011 at 2:52 pm #

    Looks great!!! I like that I’m not anonymous anymore. I’ll let you know if I get stopped on the street for my autograph.


  1. Turn around « Lovebugs and the Brooklyn Bees - June 9, 2011

    […] my morning ritual, I noticed that there were a at least a half a dozen bumble bees hanging out on the climbing rose […]

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