What Not to Wear

14 Jun

Just like any hobby, there is a certain uniform one should wear during beekeeping. Bees prefer light color clothing. When I do a hive inspection, I put on the only non colored clothes I own. I imagine when it becomes 100 degrees in Brooklyn later in the summer, I will refuse to be covered head to toe in clothes. You’ll see me in shorts and flops while inspecting.

My best white outfit

Since Mike doesn’t own any light-colored long sleeve shirts, he usually puts on a collared dress shirt. I’m normally the one with a face full of bees so I get to wear the veil jacket combo. It is very hard to see through the mesh so sometimes I take it off mid inspection (not advised).

I don’t wear gloves when I inspect the hive. Beekeepers for Dummies suggestions that you have better dexterity without wearing them. Plus, I love how my hands smell after an inspection. Don’t worry, I try not to sniff my fingers in public.

However, I do wear nail polish often. Recently my friend, Buzty, had me try this new crackle nail polish. I was so afraid that the bees were going to mistaken my nails as some invading alien bees that I had to take it off before they saw it.

Crackle Nails

I use Bath and Body Works shower gel everyday and am about to buy more since it is on sale!! Now I am afraid to wear anything too floral or fruity and be mistaken as a pollen source. I have stopped using fragrant lotions and started using unscented Aveeno. I have complete stopped wearing perfume, especially since the one my lovebug got me smells like roses.

We also don’t eat bananas any more. I haven’t had to experience this yet but apparently when bees are threatened they send out an alarm signal that smells like bananas. If you eat a banana, your breath might smell like an emergency. It makes me wonder how many bee stings are associated with people eating bananas.


2 Responses to “What Not to Wear”

  1. Buzty June 14, 2011 at 2:10 pm #

    Love the Nails! Love my Name! And no wonder why you smelled the other day…. no floral scents

  2. Carolyn June 14, 2011 at 2:35 pm #

    You’re hilarious. And so is Buzty, i’m sure. 😉

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