The Attack

5 Jul

After the hive inspection where we found out that our hive is infested with small hive beetles, we made a huge mistake. We took out two old frames that had nectar on them and left them leaning on the hive. Our thinking was that our bees could collect the nectar and take it back into the hive.

Frames leaning on the hive

Unfortunately, leaving exposed nectar or honey promotes robbing. Basically we left out the goodies for any bee in the neighborhood to come collect.

Bee sending an alter signal


At first the bees were just trying to take the nectar from the frames. But then they were trying to get into our hive! It was like witnessing a war. Bees were tumbling, ripping each others wings off, and free falling from the sky in an entangled battle. It was carnage. The grass in front of the hive became a grave yard. I feel completly responsible for the attack and spent most of the weekend guilt stricken. Keeping bees alive is really hard work. I can’t imagine what raising a child will be like.

5 Responses to “The Attack”

  1. Buzty July 5, 2011 at 11:17 am #

    Oh nooo!!! In parenting… there are always mistakes but you lern from them!

  2. Emily Heath July 5, 2011 at 4:40 pm #

    The monthly newsletter I get from the British Beekeepers’ Association arrived today and I’ve just been reading an article on feeding honey back to bees and robbing.

    It makes an interesting point that all through the spring and summer, bees have associated nectar with flowers. By feeding back nectar in frames to a colony, bees will learn that other hives also are nectar sources, which tends to encourage colonies to rob others. To lessen the problems caused by this, only give the frames back to the bees inside their hive and put an entrance reducer block on all your hives once you start feeding back, to make the entrance easier for the guard bees to defend.

    You weren’t to know that would happen, so you shouldn’t feel guilty. You’ll know for next time now. Hopefully raising a child will be a picnic after coping with 60,000 or so troublesome insects!


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