A sliver of hope

15 Jul

After I left the bee meeting, A man approached me about the hive beetles. His name was Jim Fischer and is a founder of the NYC Beekeeping meetup group. He told me that I was doing the right thing but getting beetle traps for the hive. He also suggested that my hive was weak and it may be because my queen wasn’t doing a good enough job. He gave me a name of an apiary that I could purchase a queen. I expressed how much concern and worry I have for my girls and he was very encouraging that there still could be hope.

That night I went home and took the chance on purchasing a queen. We’d have to find the old queen first and take her out of the hive before we introduce the new one. We haven’t opened the hive since the disastrous hive inspection where we found the beetles so I am worried that the hive will be defensive. Deb has gone away for the rest of the month so Mike and I will be on our own. Good thing our guard dog Billie Jean will be there for moral support. Stay tuned!


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