Here come the Beetles

18 Jul

Last week Mike installed the small hive beetle traps that I ordered from Better Bees. It is made of black plastic and is simple to use. Mike added vegetable oil to the trough part of it and clipped on the top. Apparently bees will chase the beetles around and they will enter the trap as a place to hide. Because of the oil, they won’t be able to get out and eventually drown. I ordered two but so far we only have one in the hive.

Small Hive Beetle Trap

Small Hive Beetle Trap

This is the first step to revive the hive. Hopefully our mail order queen will come this week and we can get her in there successfully.


2 Responses to “Here come the Beetles”

  1. jewelant July 21, 2012 at 1:25 pm #

    Hey, I’m glad to see someone else is dealing with this and trying to find out information. I recently (last week) had to clean up four dead hives from beetles. Got one left and some new solutions from the internet and our own invents. Check this out:


  1. Uneasy Street « Lovebugs and the Brooklyn Bees - July 21, 2011

    […] and I did an inspection on Saturday. We haven’t done one since he installed the beetle traps. We were curious what our hive looked like. Turns out, it isn’t so good. The brood is so […]

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