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15 Aug

It has been very strange not having to check up on the bees everyday. In some ways it has been a bit of a relief for me. I recently quit my job to take a new one in a different industry. It has been very demanding so far and has definitely limited my capacity to think about many things outside of working, eating (which I do too much of), and sleeping (which I don’t do enough). I’m also in the middle of taking a macroeconomics class as part of the MBA program I am in. Summer session is very intense because it is a semester’s worth of material crammed into a month.
Meanwhile, Mike and I are still trying to maintain our 30 gallon fish tank and keep our cat Mooch from slipping out the alley door every time we open it. We’ve gone from 12 to 4 fish in the few months we’ve had the tank. The ph and ammonia levels have been way off the charts so Mike cleans it our frequently. While I was doing laundry this week, Mooch followed me out, went upstairs and was found on the deck a half hour later. So while I am very disappointed that I failed as a beekeeping this year, I think it probably wasn’t meant to bee.


Sad Face

12 Aug

This happened over a week ago but I haven’t be able to bring myself to blog about it. Mike and I checked the hive the other night to find it completely empty. No a single bee was left. No honey either. It seems like the bees have absconded from the hive. They do that when they don’t think the hive is a fit place to live. I don’t blame them really with the beetles, the robbing, and the heat wave we had in Brooklyn. The new queen probably was released from her cage and then told everyone to pack their bags, they were hitting the road. They uncapped all of the honey so they could take it and now the bottom of the hive is filled with wax. I think the last time we suspected robbing was just the hive in the middle of moving.
So if you come across a wild honey bee hive, it probably use to belong to me. I hope wherever they are, they make it. Maybe next year we will start over but the thought of it now is too sad.

Just when things couldn’t get worse

3 Aug

We are unsure of the state of our hive at this point. There seems to be very little activity in and our of the hive. Flies and wasps have no problem hanging out my the entrance. Some bees hover around the hive. I am nervous about what we will find or more to the point, what we don’t find when we open the hive this week. And just when I think things couldn’t get worse, I read that Prospect Park and some areas around it are being sprayed with pesticides to kill mosquitoes. The problem is that it probably will negatively affect the bees. I never knew how hard my bees would have to fight to stay alive.