Back in Action

20 Apr

It is finally spring time and I have decided to give beekeeping another go. Since I have all of the parts of the hive, all we really needed were the bees. I was lucky enough to get a package of bees from the NYC Beekeeping Meetup Group.  A bee package is a shoebox size of about 10,000. The box has wire sides so that the bees can get air and water. The package also has a queen in a smaller box of her own, similar to the one I got last year.

Bee Packages

Bee Packages

The NYC Beekeeping group drove down to Georgia to pick up the bees and made it back to Brooklyn by Wednesday morning. Luckily Mike and I were around to pick up the package on Wednesday evening. The pickup spot is in this old run down building on Flatbush Ave, the same one where the pollen deal took place last year. When we arrived I was asked to measure out 50 grams of pollen in little baggies while I waited for my package.

Weighing pollen

Weighing pollen

50 grams of pollen

50 grams of pollen

I took the bee box home and put it in the basement since I couldn’t install it until Thursday after work. I sprayed the girls with some water so that they stayed hydrated until the release party. I am very excited to have something to take care of again and a reason to spend time outside.

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