Brooklyn, we have a problem

3 Jul

On Friday, Deb and I inspected the hive. We haven’t done an inspection since I got stung. I didn’t have work, so we decided to do it mid day when there is more sunlight in the yard. I was concerned that our queen might not be laying enough eggs because our brood pattern is really spotty.

We started at the top deep. No brood activity is happening up there. We have old honey but the queen hasn’t laid any eggs.

Bees eating honey

Then we got to the second deep. We still have very spotty brood. We saw some larva but couldn’t find eggs or the queen. Then we got to the end frames of the hive, the one where I saw the beetle last inspection. Under two frames on the floor of the hive looks like there is a pile of sawdust until you look closer and realize that it is moving. There was larva from another bug in the hive. We suspect that it could be small hive beetle larva. We took the two end frames out of the hive so that I could try to sweep out the larva.

Frames hanging on the hive

Floor of the hive

larva on floor of hive

From what I have read, small hive beetles had only been a problem in the southeast. Unfortunately, many queens come from Georgia. Also, our hive came from the Queens County Farm Museum where there were many hives and equipment around. Some of the frames we have in the hive have dark comb and seem to be old. Deb and I decided to put in new frames in place of the two dark frames that were over the gross beetle larva. We will see if this helps. It seems very counter intuitive to try to medicate the hive with bug killing chemicals. If the problem continues, the beetles will ruin all of the honey in the hive.

Anyone have any suggestions?

9 Responses to “Brooklyn, we have a problem”

  1. missuv July 3, 2011 at 12:29 pm #

    I feel weak. This is all very eeeww! But I live honey 😉 go bees!

  2. missuv July 3, 2011 at 12:30 pm #

    oops, that was “love honey”

  3. Imelda Alam October 16, 2012 at 1:15 pm #

    Nice post!Good job!


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